Welcome to my happy home on the web! Here you will get to join me, my love Kendall and our special fur-baby Porky Pug on our many adventures in love, food and joy, travelling in our earth-friendly Prius, I’ve named Patty!

If you don’t want stories, you’re better off going to gettothemeat.com 

If you like the recipes within and are interested in updates, I’ll soon be adding a sign up form for updates on new recipes. Your willingness to visit often, share more and sign up when it’s ready will not only make me happy, it will enhance your cooking repertoire and make Kendall and PorkyPug super happy, too! Contact Us if you want to sign up in advance!

I get most of my ingredients from Hy Vee. When items I can’t find what I need there, I usually grab from local resources. I avoid Wal Mart these days, at any price! I won’t shop in a store that expects me to work as a cashier (self check-out) without a discount. I used to be a cashier and I’ve also been replaced by a computer so if a company thinks they can force me to work for them and force employees out, they’d better think again!


I’ve linked most items in ingredients lists but grow all vegetables and herbs I can in my garden, whenever possible.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome. Contact Us for recipe requests and tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


Now, grab your merlot and your fur-baby’s favorite ascot and let’s go!